The Challenge: My company wants to market a new product to companies to facilitate communication and productivity. We will create an app for managers and employees to handle task management, messaging, basic training, and scheduling. In practice, we will tailor the style and functions of the app for each distinct company.

However, to better market the new product, we are creating a demo app to showcase basic functionality. I was tasked with creating a universal interface for this demo app.


Unfortunately, development on this project has been postponed until further notice. But do not be dismayed! I have some awesome process work so you can see what might have been.

User flow for the task management feature

This ambitious project would have included separate apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Naturally I started mobile-first, specifically with an Android app. After sketching and researching, I made some grayscale explorations of the user interface.

Example interaction

I never got past the task management feature; for development reasons, the company decided to postpone this project. It’s too bad–I was excited to design this app to the end!